My Big Fat Lesbian Divorce – A Lucid Thought

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It dawned on me during a discussion, that for all the things I’ve done wrong. . . I did nothing that was unforgivable.

It was her stubborn pride that was a wall. I asked her forgive me, and if she couldn’t move past it, then well. . . It’s not my fault.

Every couple hurts one another. Every relationship holds it’s wrongs and fights. I’m only human, and I reacted at times in ways understandable, ways irrational and ways completely down right wrong. But nothing unforgivable.

I fought my ass off, I’m the stronger one. I didn’t run off when it came down to it, I didn’t give up and I’m the one who kept trying to save us.

She pushed me away. She wanted something “better” . . . I am something good, and if she couldn’t let go of her pride for me, them there is nothing, absolutely nothing, I could have done.

Still hurts though. A lot.


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