My Big Fat Lesbian Divorce – Just Heart Wrenching Inspired Rant

In children, civil unions, Crying, Current events, dating, Divorce, domestic, family, gay, gay marriage, grief, homosexuality, kisses, law enforcement, Lesbian, lgbt, Love, Marriage, news, parenting, portland oregon, promises, single, women on April 11, 2011 at 4:24 pm

OK so reading old text messages, declarations of her love, are as bad of an idea as holding that shirt of hers.

Oct 26 “You are mine, and I will always be there” from her. A little over a week ago “I love you” . , the last, was to discuss our divorce.

I kept every e/mail we ever exchanged from the time we met. All 3,500k of them. I thought they’d make a great love story, but now. . well now, I can’t even think of looking at them.

I’m not even sure how I’m going to cope with packing her things up for her.

I realized this morning while driving the boys to school, that missing her in the house is getting a little better. It’s the sorrow and grief I feel of her broken promises that are causing me to deeply grieve. I really thought I could depend in her to be there when I had struggles, just as I had been there for her. In sickness and health, for better or worse , .

She made that promise.

She wanted this, and I still don’t understand why. Why it was OK to gain the trust of me and my children, and then decide with all of our flaws that we are just not good enough.

She made a promise to this family.

She promised we would always be a family.

She promised. . .


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