My Big Fat Lesbian Divorce – She Took The Wine

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Update: I made it through the store today, only crying once when I walked past her favorite bread.

This is progress.

But when I got home and started unloading groceries, I noticed the new bottle of wine I bought, is missing.

I’m pretty sure she took it with her on the way out the door on Tuesday.

I wouldn’t mention this, but that bottle of wine was actually pretty significant to me. See, I don’t like alcohol in the house. I grew up with a drunk, I know she did too. For me that meant I never wanted to have alcohol in my home. I was pretty upfront about it when we met, and she was cool with. But started making comments about how I controlled her having an ice cold one in her own home.

So lately I’d been thinking, ya know I don’t drink but once in a bit. As far as I know, neither does she. So, why not? That’s when I bought the wine.

When she asked me to buy her a beer at the store the other day, I did. I know she occasionally likes one, so why not? I thought it would be a compromise I knew she’d appreciate.

But that wine, was for us.

I intended to share it with her. It kinda meant something pretty special. To show her I was bending, and growing as our relationship grew.

But now she is gone and so is the wine.



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