My Big Fat Lesbian Divorce – Shit!

In attorneys, Break-up, children, civil unions, court, Crying, Current events, dating, Divorce, domestic, family, gay, gay marriage, grief, homosexuality, law enforcement, Lesbian, lgbt, Love, Marriage, movies, news, parenting, portland oregon, promises, relationships, single, women on April 15, 2011 at 4:27 am

No sooner than I write my last post, that my 10yr old falls apart because of the changes, and he misses her.

I am so pissed at her, what she’s done to my family. Her self centered “it’s all about my happiness” attitude and selfish need to destroy her family, to justify her actions to live as she chooses, after all her promises to us. To my children. To her family. Ug!

Well I hope wherever she is, she is living and basking in the joy while my son cries himself to sleep.

She’s ugly.


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