My Big Fat Lesbian Divorce – Who’s Finally Seeing The Light? That’s Right. . ME

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Something happened tonight, I’m not going into all details just now, but I realized that all the grief. . sorrow. . and loss I’ve been going through . .

Well, she just isn’t worth it. She, the woman who left, just isn’t worth it.

In fact, I’m better off without the cruelty. I’m better off without the emotional control. I’m just. .

Better off.

Don’t get me wrong, I love her. I do. . But she doesn’t want me, and ya know . . I’m good. I’m going to be OK. It’s going to hurt, and I need to heal. But I’m going to be OK.

I really am a strong woman. I wasn’t with her, I was vulnerable to a woman who doesn’t know how to love. But I gotta get back to me.

Part of my revelation, is she had a friend pick up her mail at the office. Then, I thought about how she wanted me to pack up some of her items and leave them for pick up in the office. Then, I went back to that day we argued in the laundry room. It’s the argument that started this mess.. After yelling at me, and screaming in my face, she had the audacity to ask me for quarters because she didn’t want to walk to her truck and get hers. . . After watching me struggle with carrying over my laundry in the rain, and not offering help, and then yelling awful things at me. . she had the audacity to ask me for quarters and then get outraged when I finally made a stand and told her to go get her own. . ?

Then it all hit me (at least part of it did) she does not take responsibility for herself. She expects everyone to help her out (after all, I’m psychologically unstable and she’s the victim here. . right?) (which btw, if one if her co-workers had a hubby treat her the way my wife treated me? . . Yeah, my wife would have been telling her to run) and she expects everyone to just help her out. She takes no personal responsibility for what she said to me, how she treated me, or any of it.

If I had asked for quarters after talking to her like that, think I’d get them? Hell no!

So what, she doesn’t want a police escort to get her mail. Well ya know what, she forced me to take the actions I did. She put herself in this situation of threatening me, and pushing me away for months after treating me like a leper. . (no offense to the leper community). She has what she wants, so she needs to grow a pair (so to speak) and take care of her own business. This is the dissolution of OUR marriage.

So while she has fun, plays the victim and has everyone pandering at her feet, I’m good. Why? Because I’m coming through this stronger and better. Her? She’s just gonna move on to the next woman and repeat the same old song.

Thank You God for getting me out alive. .

  1. I’m so happy to see that you are realizing that you deserve so much better than THIS! You sound like a strong, independent woman and you need someone as mature and loving as you are! Good luck


    • Thank You Dakota 🙂 . . . It feels like such a whirlwind and fast process, but I’m confident I’ll make it. Of course, those first few days felt like he’ll but I’m slowly feeling better. Healing still takes time, but I’m ready.

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