My Big Fat Lesbian Divorce – Today Was A Good Day

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Today was a good day.

I missed her a little, but it’s starting to feel like she went in a really long trip.

I’m adjusting.

The youngest little one cried today because he misses her, and the 10yr old was visibly upset. They said they wish she’d come home. Of course, seeing him cry just made me more upset with her choices, but there’s also a calm. We’re healing.

I have to admit, it’s nice knowing she isn’t coming home to play her justifying mind games of pushing me away. It was awful. I can’t even believe I put up with it as long as I did.

I thought I was stronger than that.

But perhaps I still am. Standing up to her, standing up against all the love encased in my heart for her, I made a stand that it’s not OK. . . It’s never OK . . . to tell someone you will kill them, and mean it like she did.

It hurts when someone you love says things that really hurt. You never want to believe in your heart that they actually would do those things, to hurt you. But then again I never thought she’d do others things, she’s done. The woman who left, I don’t know who that is. It wasn’t my wife.

Yeah, today was a good day.

Tomorrow, will be better.


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