My Big Fat Lesbian Divorce – Dear God, Really? . . Sincerely, A Concerned Citizen

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It’s been a few days since my last post. There’s a good reason why.


Let me start from Monday and shift around.

I had to go to court on Monday, and appear because of the restraining order that she’s contested. The hearing to make it final, was Monday.

Needless to say, she (the still legally my “wife”) said a lot, but the judge strongly suggested we have our attorneys present. Soooooo, back to court two weeks from last Monday with attorneys in tow, to discuss the restraining order.


The real and only thing on my mind when I went into court, was the call at 2am, prior to the 9am hearing, that I received from my eldest son.

He lives overseas currently. He is a gifted trumpet player, and budding composer, in the Marine Corps Band. At 21, I’m just so dang impressed with the young, talented and interesting young man he’s become. . is.

He is my oldest of 6 children..(just the 4 boys at home now. I also have a daughter who is 18).

Well, when he was on leave last, he had a growth on the back of his head. It was huge. I could write the whole story out, but the part that really matters most is that, the 2am call was to tell me the Dr. said his test results found some cancer in the biopsy.

We don’t know how much, or any of the details yet. Waiting on the surgery to remove the growth, and all the tests that go along with such things. But I can tell you I really wish a Spiderman Band-Aid could fix this.

I hate that I’m so far away from him right now.

There’s a lot I have on my mind about my wife, through all of this. But honestly, all the crap and the stuff she’s putting me through doesn’t even compare to just how much I feel for my son. She isn’t deserving to drain one emotion away of concern I have for him right now.

If you’re out there, and you’re reading this, please breathe/say/believe a prayer for my son.

That’s all I can deal with writing for now.

  1. Oh, how horrible, to be so far away! :/ You and he are both in my prayers.

  2. I am so sorry for your son. I pray his doctors find and remove all of his cancer. I know it is hard being so far from him but I know he feels your love no matter where he is.

    • Thank You so much for your words. I hope he does, because he is beyond loved.

      I hope your sweetie is doing well herself. I thought of you both today.

      • She has one last shot left. Beginning Wednesday, she will be started on an experimental medication that has yet to be tried on her form of leukemia. She’s been told that if this doesn’t work, there is nothing else left to try. So let’s hope the Good Lord has other plans for her here and will keep her with us.

      • I’m so believing for you. You’ll both definitely be in my thoughts. Big hugs out to you.

  3. Oh, I had no clue! You know I’ll be praying. I’m so sorry you’re going through all of this, with having to worry about your son. big hugs and prayers sent to you and him.

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