My Big Fat Lesbian Divorce – I Pack and U Haul

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It’s Friday morning, and I’m sitting in the living room, listening to the hum of the heater and fan. . and my thoughts.

She is scheduled to be here at 9am, just 25 minutes from now, to pick up her stuff. Because I have a restraining order against her, a police officer must be present. I’m glad there will be. It will hopefully prevent her from making any of those destroying comments she shoots like darts.

I was dreading this day a few weeks ago, now I’m looking forward to it. The pile of her stuff in my bedroom is now annoying, and unsightly. I’ve been sleeping on the love seat as I’ve no space for sleeping in the bedroom. Which I guess is good. It’s given me time to step back and disconnect, if even a little, from the memories of the room.

Of course, I don’t know how I’ll really feel until she shows up and takes it all, but at this moment. . I’m good. I’m more concerned how the boys will feel. The occasionally walk in my room, look at it, and make comments. I know they miss her.

Update: It’s 10:16 – No show.

11:07 – Still no show.

Finally, she showed.


I’m still pretty disturbed by her behavior so I’ll cut to the point.

She complained, made rude and cutting remarks and was just abrasive. I had informed her that her items were packed, at no time did she give me specifics, so I just put it all together for her. One of the officers standing by me had lost her patience with her, it was obvious I wasn’t the only one who noticed her behavior.

At first I was pretty upset she tried to walk out with towels bought specifically for the boys. I mean, this woman is going back on every word to the boys and I, and now she wants to take what little we have? I can’t afford to replace the things she wants to take, just because she can. All the things she told me to get rid of when I moved because she already had it. . .


I guess the turning point was when I walked into the bedroom. She told the officer she was done taking everything from the room, so I walked in. And there on the floor she had removed from her belongings, a pressie my son had bought her. She literally removed it from the items packed, and left it on the floor with the rest of the rubbish she left behind. It was at that point I started crying, my heart breaking for the disregard she treated something he bought for her out of love. I remember the day he bought it for her. He was so excited to surprise her with a gift he saw and thought she would love.

At that point I wanted her, her items, her ugliness and anger just out. She could have walked out with the kitchen sink and I wouldn’t have cared. I looked at her and saw her at the core. Not the beautiful woman I married, or thought I did, but the absolute ugly. The kind so hard to look upon without feeling ill.

Of all the offenses, the physical aggression she has lashed out and pain she has caused. . . leaving that gift on the floor amongst her garbage was the eye opening display of awful to show me just how ugly, truly ugly, she is.

The veil has been removed.


  1. Whatever it is, another woman to “love” or just demanding control of you and the relationship, she, in her eyes, is feeling pain. Because she is feeling pain (no control), she knows how much the children mean to you, so, by her leaving such an item, she knew this would create great pain in your heart. However, she may feel that she is “getting you back” for hurting her (and taking control), but what she didn’t realize is that she just gave you power of your life to begin a new path. Take this negativity and turn it into a positive!

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