My Big Fat Lesbian Divorce – Saturday

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I probably should have explained two entries ago, that the one I wrote about my son I had actually written on Wednesday. I didn’t publish until I had my sons permission to talk about it. I really want to respect how much people know right now.

That being said, I left the entry explaining how I didn’t want her to drain anything from me, to having sound like she did, in just a matter of hours. I had to clear that inconsistency up.

Today: I woke up really upset with her over her display of behavior yesterday. I guess I shouldn’t have expected more, but I did. I was hoping for an easy transition and instead I got her cutting remarks and dramatic accusations.

At one point, she actually accused me of having “stabbed” the laundry bag that had her clothing in it, in front of the officer. I’m actually glad she did, because it was a perfect display of what I’m talking about. The bag, is one of those cheap plastic, less than 5 bucks bag from Target. There was laundry in it, too heavy for me to carry. I had to drag the bag. It’s even obvious from where the marks are, the varying sizes of the holes, and the fact they’re frayed around the edges (not a clean tear) on the bottom of the bag only. It’s obvious that the bag was dragged. Yet, she stopped, and exclaimed accusingly that I had stabbed the bag several times.


Stab a bag? . . .


The small glimpses I am getting of her (while in court, and the move) after having been away from her for periods of time, make me see her. Really see her. I never spent an extended period of time away from her before now, and I’d like to think that if I had, I would have seen the red flags before now.

I’d like to think so anyways.

But I didn’t, here I am, and now I need to figure out how to piece back together that which she took apart: Myself.

She left us in a financial mess after not following through her promises, and I’m no clue how I’m going to pay some of the bills. But as the officer told
me yesterday, her taking the material things is a small price to pay for peace.

I agree.

Here’s to a peaceful Saturday.


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