My Big Fat Lesbian Divorce – The Dragon Slayer Prefers Breakfast Burritos

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I sat in the van crying today.

Yesterday I had so much running to do, that I had forgotten to eat breakfast. I think it was late in the day before I was able to sit. This morning, I wanted to make it a point to eat. So I thought to myself “Hey, go have a cup of coffee at Edgefield. Go by yourself, and face the sounds of her in your memories, on your own.”

Now Edgefield is where she and I would go together. It’s where I said my vows to her. It’s such a beautiful estate.

So I decided to drive over there and sit by myself. By myself quietly, to break through the place where I have no distraction and to find my strength to face the memories head on. . .


I sat in the parking lot of Safeway Grocery and cried. I promptly then went through a drive-thru and ordered a breakfast burrito and headed home.

No slaying dragons for me today. Just the realization tomorrow is a month.


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