My Big Fat Lesbian Divorce – Emotional Spinach

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It’s been a month and a day, today.

I was singing in the shower today, a song by Jewel. I came to one line “Hearts are broken every day” and it dawned on me. . . exactly how I was feeling one month and one day ago, someone else is feeling right now.

I remember that feeling of constant pain, wondering if it would ever stop hurting ( If you’re reading this, and you’re wondering the same. . yes, it does).

Right now, I’m determined to write my own story. The new page may have faint impressions of the story written on the page before, but as I keep turning the pages, those impressions fade away. I’m realizing just how amazing life can be, without her pain and anger. I don’t miss how she used to hurt me way more than I miss those brief moments she would actually reach out to me.

It’s been a month and one day.

The divorce is still going on, and there are moments I can’t really talk about yet. But let’s just say that I’m confident.

Today, one month and one day later, I am a little bit stronger. Even if I can’t consume cans of spinach like Popeye and grow muscles that show a physical strength, I just know I am getting stronger everyday.

Just knowing this, is my emotional spinach.

  1. I love that analogy as much as I loved reading this. Here’s to ever-increasing strength in the days to come!

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