My Big Fat Lesbian Divorce – Updates

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I’ve had a very long week. Not to mention the rapture was/is supposed to happen today. It seems like a fitting way to end this week. I just read the church predicting the day received millions in donations. What a marketing/fundraising strategy. I don’t remember learning that in business class.

I’m so suing the college for an inferior education.

Let me start venting about my son. He is scheduled to have surgery the 16th of next month, to remove the growth which is also causing incredible headaches. Literally. I don’t agree with the date, but I promised my son I’d respect his reasons and privacy so I can’t really talk about why it has to wait until the 16th. But I have to say I’m really unhappy with the people behind the reasons why it has to wait.

My wife and I are scheduled to go to court this coming week. Our first court hearing. I pretty much relented on everything, save asking for a small amount of support a month (the exact amount she promised and agreed to provide) for a year, and my half of the amended taxes. She’s now claiming she doesn’t have the resources to provide support. So I’m left wondering two things. First, if she doesn’t have the resources, how was she planning to provide this when she made an agreement with me, to provide it before? And secondly, if she lacks the resources to provide it, how does she seemingly have the resources to pay more in legal fees, than I’ve asked for in support?

If she really loves the children, as she’s stated before several people, and considered them her own, then how can she use the money for legal fees instead of following through on her word to “not abandon or screw you (us) over” ?

It just doesn’t add up.

So this week a judge will decide.

Also, this is the second month she’s claimed that the bank states it hasn’t received my van payment. It’s in her name, but I’ve made every single payment, per our verbal agreement, when the van was purchased. Yet, no actual dates the bank states this are ever provided, and honestly the allegations have all been to my advantage. So, we’ll see how June plays out.

She’s also demanding to drop the boys from health insurance, despite when I agreed to move up here it was understood in conversation I’d have to find the boys new health care providers. She knew at the time we entered the children into the care of vital providers (vital to their care) that they only accepted her health care, and without it the boys wouldn’t be able to continue treatments. She made those agreements with me, those providers and essentially the children’s well being. What.A.Mess.

The only promise she seems to be working at trying to keep, is the last one she made when she yelled she would leave me and my 4 (illegitimate) children on a corner, penniless and begging.


  1. The last word of this entry really does sum it up best. Ai ai ai. Good luck.

  2. Ouch…on the street? That’s so brutal. šŸ˜¦

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