My Big Fat Lesbian Divorce – My Son Has Cancer

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I got a call last night from my son.

As you might recall, he is stationed overseas in the Marine Corps.

He had a biopsy done sometime back, that showed there was cancer present. How much, what type and all of that, was unknown. I guess the amount sent to the pathologist, wasn’t enough to really be conclusive (this is what my son has said.. )

Well, he had surgery recently to completely remove and biopsy (again) a growth on the back of his head. He called me last night and told me that his results came back before the expected date of the 11th. He has Malignant Fibrous Histiocystoma. Here is the link he sent me to describe it:


He explained they will be doing a cat scan to see if it has spread anywhere. If it hasn’t, he is considered Stage 2. If it has, they will send him overseas to a place not here (I’m being vague to protect location) and he will receive radiation treatments.

I have to tell you, having heard not long ago that they found some cancer in his previous biopsy, has prepared me for this. But nothing really prepares you to put a name to it, read the possibilities and resonate this information in your heart and mind that this is your child, and cancer.

I cried, not because of me, but because of him. He is only 21, and no one should ever have to deal with this crap at 21. I want life to be good, easy and wonderful for all of my children. I know life will bring struggles and life will happen. But nothing still prepares your heart to accept it is happening to your children.

My son is a remarkable young man. I have no doubt that whatever lies ahead, he will kick ass at it.

He always has.

*If you’re reading this, I ask that you please keep my son in your prayers.. thoughts.. considerations. I would really appreciate it, and I know he would as well.

*Photo my son sent, showing where tumor was removed



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