My Big Fat Lesbian Divorce – Military Medicine

In attorneys, Break-up, cancer, children, christian, civil unions, Current events, current events, Divorce, family, God, grief, health, lgbt, Marriage, military, news, parenting, people, Politics, women on July 27, 2011 at 2:26 am

My son called me. He’s going to be flown to a facility overseas, to see an oncologist.

I have to say I’m increasingly realizing my son would receive better health care if he wasn’t in the military. He had this tumor over 6 months before they finally got on the ball to get him help. And now it seems they can’t give him a straight answer. Two pathologists say it’s a type of cancer, then a third one says it’s inconclusive. So now we’re hoping he will see a qualified Oncologist who can give my child the straight and conclusive answers he deserves. He’s finally flying out 7 months since his first biopsy, to see a specialist that he should have seen months ago.

Yes, I’m really upset by this.

And to think Obama has suggested our military pay for their own health care. . .


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