My Big Fat Lesbian Divorce – Coat Hangers. What More Can I Say?

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I’ve been given some hysterical suggestions regarding the 40 white (plastic) coat hangers that my ex paid her attorney to request possession of (I’m still amused by that fact) along with a few other trivial items (a blender blade, and some silverware amongst the request)

Think about it… Attorney writing request for plastic white coat hangers and a few items vs. The Dollar Store to purchase new ones….


The following suggestions were made to me, purely for comic relief:

Return all black ones with a note that they better match her soul.

Give her all wire hangers.

Agree to return only 15 hangers, but none of the white ones. Then see how long I can drag out negotiations.

Send her 4.00.

Send 5 plastic, along with 35 wire with no hooks.

Along with these suggestions, I was sent the following photo via text from a friend. I think it would make a lovely default pic.



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