My Big Fat Lesbian Divorce – My Wedding Ring

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I am now stuck with this ring, that once was supposed to signify the never ending love between my ex and myself (I almost laugh audibly as I write that).

I want to get rid of it, and I have contemplated tossing it into the ocean. Though that seems like such a waste. I mean, it is a pretty ring.

I remember when she gave it to me on our “wedding” day. We were parked in front of the fountain in Centeral Park (not the Centeral Park, but the one in my small town), almost in the same exact spot where we shared out first kiss. It seemed like such a romantic spot and the right place to exchange rings.

Who knew that spot would not only be the place I received the kiss of her romantic death, but also the ring to bind it.

I wonder if this is how Frodo felt while packing around the ring that forced him from the security The Shire and into the cold reality of The Middle Earth.

  1. Hello I have been following your blog for a while now and am sorry for all that you have been through. I am fairly recently divorced (guess not that recent, one year now) with four girls. so I can kinda relate to your trials and tribulations. In a haste I gave the ex back my ring, I wanted no other reminders of the relationship. However now I would love to buy myself something nice and was wondering if you would consider selling the ring. I want something that shows I can raise my children and be independent. Let me know. Once more things will get better you will be stronger because of this

    • Jennifer, I am so so sorry you’ve experienced divorce and with 4 little ones. Sometimes it feels so much easier with the tension gone, but it’s still a struggle. I wanted to throw everything in a box and give it back too, but it’s helped to slowly purge myself. Especially when I’m letting go of a hurt. I can just tear up an old card she gave me as a symbolic way of letting it go.

      Are you blogging anywhere?

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