My Big Fat Lesbian Divorce – My Son, Cancer and The Sidewalk Prophets

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My son had his surgery on Friday. The surgeon said the pathology reports will come back in a week or two.

I have to admit, when he posted a pic last night, I hurt for him. I want to fix this for him. I feel so damn helpless. No matter his age, he’s my child and my instincts of wanting to make his world a good place are still a part of me…. always.

I wish I had a magic wand, pixie dust or the most healing Snoopy Bandaid ever. I wish my children never knew anything but joy and peace. I wish …

I wish…

I wish…


So this the start of it all


This is after the first biopsy


This is after the second


This is from the last (this past Friday). They believe they’ve removed the whole tumor now.


I’ve already talked about just how angry I am with the military taking so DAMN long to address this, and how crappy I think they’ve handled everything (it’s been almost a year … a whole damn year) that this has been going on (the first few months after the first biopsy, they “forgot” to even tell him the results …. assholes) … so I won’t go off about it again.

At this moment, all that truly matters is my child. I feel good about the care (the military) is finally giving him. The hospital they’ve transferred him to, seems to actually know what they’re doing, opposed to the previous places. That gives me some comfort.

I’ve Posted this song to my sons wall, what seems like a thousand times, because it fits so well to express just how I feel. He is destined for amazing things, I belIeve it.

Just the fact he is the young man he is now, makes him amazing already.


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