My Big Fat Lesbian Divorce – Month 7

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Month 6 slipped by me without thought.

I guess I figured month 6 being the half way mark into my newly single life (since I had her asked to leave the apt), that some amazing moment would transpire within me, but instead it went by without thought.

I was dealing with the van thing (I’m still super thankful it’s gone), the now defunct attempt at spending time with someone (I’m really glad that’s over) and just… living.

Here it is and month 7 has passed. I admit it feels longer primarily in part I never have to see her (I’m reallythankful for that).

A few days ago the biggest stress in our home was the 7 year old stormed into my room, angry the his 11 year old brother was bossing his imaginary kangaroo around. While I know life has it’s ups and downs and invisible kangaroo interventions are only a part, I felt that peace that comes in knowing that life continues to move on.

  1. Just stumbled across your blog – I’m in the early stages of divorce – So much of what you’ve written is exactly what I’ve experienced. Thanks for having the courage to write your truth so that others could benefit.

  2. I’ve been going through your posts, and I just realized how magnificent it is to see an old post, and compare it to the person you’ve become. It’s quite some change, divorces change people, and I feel that you’ve become stronger. It’s not an easy procedure the one you’re in, but you’re doing so well by yourself. Best of wishes to you!

    • Thank You so much for saying that.

      I was looking at the first post I had written, yesterday. I was proud of how much I have come through and stood.

      I know exactly where the turning point was, it was when she came to pick up her items and tossed aside my sons pressie to her. That day changed my outlook on everything, put it … her… into perspective really. It hurt then, but it was the best thing for me. It was what I needed to step back and realize that she was not even close to someone I’d want to be with.

      I appreciate the comments and encouragement.


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