My big Fat Lesbian Life – This Is What It Is About

In Uncategorized on March 12, 2013 at 2:43 pm

Looking back at some of the things I have written, I am almost amazed at just how much shit I put myself through. A lot of it could have been avoided or ended way sooner if I had just not engaged myself. Yet at the same time, it has chronicled a journey I have been on. Healing from grief, realizations about myself as a woman and life. If you’ve ever played video games, or watched someone, think of it as standing in a room. You need to find a clue or whatever, to move to the next level. You have opened ever single door and window until  you click on the bookshelf and suddenly a hidden door reveals itself. On the other side all of these really cool things are just there. You can’t imagine how you even managed to make it this far in the game without knowing about the things you are about to pick up and experience. Given it is a video game example, but it’s exactly like that.

That’s worth waiting for.

  1. Thanks again, for a thoughtful blog. The words, “lost in the lesson” are perfect. I think I am in the middle of one of those lessons, :-). I hope you will continue this blog, because I am finding it a lifeline through my own growing pains. You have been an inspiration, and it is so great that you have found such happiness. I am truly happy for you!
    In some ways, hearing you reflect on your journey is additionally helpful, because it is possible to see in a compressed way, they ups and downs of your journey. To read about the bright spot you are at now, is so encouraging. It’s great to know that kind of happiness is possible. I think the video-game analogy is perfect.
    Best wishes for continued happiness and fun with life! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  2. Hi, I discovered your blog about six months ago when my wife and I separated. It has been a long hard journey and it seems never-ending, the anger, the heartache, but it is so necessary. I was inspired by you and even started my own blog. Thank you for being one of the lone voices talking about a big fat lesbian divorce. It was a beacon of light.

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