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My Big Fat Lesbian Life – I Need Your Prayers.

In Uncategorized on June 30, 2013 at 6:20 pm

I was going to write when my oldest son arrived home, and tell you about how he finally made it home out of the Wounded Warriors Battalion. I wanted to write you and tell you all about how things are gong good, and I was looking forward to a summer of just trying to have fun with my family.

Instead I am writing to ask you to please pray for my family.

This past week, I took my children to Doernbechers Childrens Hospital for some appointments we needed to finish up, so we could just focus on summer instead of doctors. Three of my children have a range of disabilities, and we spend a lot of time with specialists. The very last appointment of the day was an echo cardiogram for my 12 year old son (he would want me to point out he is almost 13). I wasn’t expecting anything but a clean test result. However the test revealed my son has a rare, and very serious heart defect. He is scheduled to have open heart surgery next week. As I understand it, the doctors have only seen about 20 children with this defect and that adds to my worry. I am nervous, terrified, trying to find my logic through the emotion and more than anything I need the love, support and prayers for my son, Gabriel. 

There is so much more I will share when I find my words. Right now, I am having a difficult time putting into words all the things I am feeling. Right now the most important words I can share, are to ask that you please pray for my child.

Thank you..