My Big Fat Life – My Daughter Got Married

In Uncategorized on September 1, 2015 at 12:05 am

Dear Diary,

My daughter Sarah was married yesterday. It was magical, sad and exhillerating to see her so happy to make a bold statement to everyone around her, that she was committing her life to share hers with his. I cried of course. As horrifed as I was to see a bee looing around the wedding party, I was somewhat thankful it distracted me at the same time. Until I saw a spider crawling up her dress during hte ceremony. The bee, I knew they could handle. The spider, not so much. Sarah is terrified of spiders. I felt awful for juping up and knocking it off of her dress in the middle of the ceremony, but it felt like my last brave act to protect her as her mother.

I watched as my daughter laughed and smiled at the man who is now her husband. It made my heart hopeful and happy that she has someone in her life that makes her that happy. That makes her laugh, and loves her. I know he loves her; it’s easy to see when I watch the two of them together, and that makes me feel so good to know. I want her to be deliriously happy for as many days as she possibly can in life. Even in a world she is forced to share with spiders.

Wedding dress

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