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My Beautiful Friend – Deborah Heyer

In Uncategorized on July 12, 2016 at 11:45 am

My heart is just so sad this morning, and so I come out of my hiatus to write.

Around 2am this morning I learned that my friend Deborah Heyer had passed away.The world feels darker today.

.I met Deborah when she reached out to me on Facebook in January of 2013. At first we just talked about the misfortunes of dating and shared struggles we both encountered with meeting someone special in this crazy world, but It wasn’t before we exchanged phone numbers and talked on the phone. Instantly I was taken by her energy and charisma, her love for life, and her dreams she set out to accomplish.s won’t even pretend I have the skills to describe how awesome she was, but I can tell you that She loved her children, she loved her life, and her infectious smile could make you believe that life truly was amazing and perhaps I just wasn’t looking at it right when I felt super shitty about something.

Her life seemed to be falling into place for her before she got sick, which is why it’s hard for me to talk about the cancer.  I feel if I give it attention I am somehow giving a scene stealer the attention it wants, but never deserves. I hate it. I hate that it made my friend sick, and I hate that it wrote the ending to her story her on earth. It just doesn’t seem fair. Before anyone can even tell me how unfair it is,  I know, but damnitt wouldn’t it be nice when we finally find happiness in our lives and things seem to be going wonderful if we get a respite from the shit and enjoy a grace period so that we could enjoy the happy for an extended amount of time? Just a season of joy to enjoy basking in the sun of what’s making us so happy?

That would be amazing.

But it’s not reality. Reality is life is super hard sometimes, and my precious friend and her smile will be missed.

I know it’s not the end of Deborah in sense of completion, because her story and love ripples through the people she touched. As a mom and a nurse, and a friend she has left a legacy that will always have touched lives. That’s a scene cancer can’t steal and one that will live in someway, forever.

God speed, my friend. Wherever you are resting right now, it will always be blanketed in love.

With love,