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Ode 2 Progesterone

In Uncategorized on August 3, 2016 at 9:52 am

Some days I feel full. Some days I am so thirsty I can’t even begin to remember what it tastes like.

Some days I feel like an adventurer, and others I feel like a sloth merely the keeper of the couch.

Some days I feel I’ve lived a weird, but interesting story.Others, I feel like the most boring human on the planet and all of my stories should include dragons and victory.

Some days, I feel blanketed and others I feel cold

Some days I feel like my world teeters on the value I provide, and sinks when all there is, is me.

Some days I just need to be reminded that I matter, and some days I couldn’t give a shit whether I matter at all.

Some days I want love to be loud with confetti and a band, and others I just want Netflix and literally just to chill.

Some days I want a kiss on the forehead, and to be told I’m beautiful. Others, I already feel it.

Mostly, I want to be safe in all that word encompasses.

Most of all, I want off this damn medication that makes my heart sad.