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This morning I saw something on my FB newsfeed that struck me. I know over the years of writing here, that I have shared the devastation that comes from a broken relationship, and the realization it wasn’t really a relationship at all, but rather a superficial situation that was impossible to keep up. My biggest problem with the ex was that she had a belief that things were always supposed to be intense. She would constantly tell me that rush you get when you first meet is supposed to stay, and no one can keep that up. It’s not even realistic. It’s exciting, but it’s not even where the solid happens. When I saw this photo it struck me, because a few yeas ago I would have been trying to figure out where I went wrong in believing I am somehow so fundamentally broken that I couldn’t keep that initial rush alive.  Since then I matured in realizing it’s not even healthy, and things are supposed to change. You’re supposed to grow through the changes and something so remarkable happens when you do. So much more good comes from working through those transitions when you find your routines and make them work.

I’m sharing this because so many times I fell victim to those expectations and I need to share that if you are in this place, you need to let go of those. Those are the superficial, and as exciting and new as those are, it’s not what makes a life long relationship work. Any couple that has been together for the long term and makes things seem easy, will tell you that bumps in the road have come and they grew through them, and that is why it works. I’ve never been in a place myself until this past year, to be able to say that I have even been in a space to want to work together with someone to grow, so I am probably the last (or maybe that is why I am the best) to tell you that you have to let these superficial ideals go. Anyone can come alongside you and make you feel exciting and worth getting to know, but it’s when you meet someone that makes you feel you are worth being a part of, that’s the most solid thing I can ever remember feeling. It doesn’t always feel good, and it can leave you sore. I’ve had my pride wounded at times,, often at my own doing, but it’s forced me to realize some of my responses are so immature in thinking and letting those things go isn’t a hit no matter how much my pride wants to believe it is. But it’s something that makes me want to do better, to grow from, because for that moment when I feel sore or bruised, it’s not always like that.

Anyways, I felt a need to share this because I think this speaks to all of us in some way.


My response: ” Love is supposed to have that honeymoon phase. It’s the best. But things are supposed to mature and routines happen. You can’t measure your relationship based on the newness of it to how it’s evolved. Having said that, I’ve never stuck around long enough to try to work through the changes, and so I suck at those conversations. I get overwhelmed by my own responses, and sometimes they look bigger than how I know they rationally should be. I met someone who’s been a game changer for me, and so I want to work those changes not, while not expecting the idealized belief that everything is going to be as it is in the beginning, because as nice as those things are, it’s better when you move beyond the superficial of the initial rush of it all and you work to make the everyday routine solid. What we all want, is to be valued. To be a part of the routines, and grow in knowing that you’re worth, your love is worth, growing through the transitions together. I’d take a solid relationship over the initial excitement anyway. Because to me, that’s where the good happens when you can say you’re a team. Even when it means you’re a team working it out. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it when you grow together.”

I don’t know why, but I automatically thought of a scene from Friends that I saw once, and said to myself “I want that”.  While at times I have had to really sit myself down and remind myself that how I might be feeling isn’t always how it is (I’m so Monica in this scene), I haven’t ever met someone before who has challenged me to want to make things work in a way knowing it’s worth the investment to be open enough to meet halfway, until this past year. It’scary still sometimes, but the good outweighs everything else, and the things that come up are often from my own fear and really I need to figure that out. I’m not exactly awesome at this, God knows, but I have to remind myself I haven’t really allowed myself to be so open before, and often the growing pains hurt. 

So before you throw the baby out with the bathwater, keep in mind that maybe the world isn’t falling apart and a few bumps along the way are actually OK. Things are supposed to evolve, and that’s OK too.


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