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My Big Fat Life – Empty Space

In Uncategorized on October 4, 2017 at 12:37 pm

I have a bit of writers block lately. It seems my head is busy with other things and I can’t seem to really think about anything else. Mostly it’s a crazed haze of words that make no sense to anyone else but me, and I am not even sure if I understand it all.

I’ve written at least three different paragraphs here and deleted them all. It kinda feels like looking at sink full of super dirty dishes and not really wanting to touch any of them, and not even sure which one to touch first so you can clean the damn thing. That is pretty comparable to my mind today. My mind is a dirty dish. Dear god..

Okay so I left that one as an example of where I am right now. It’s pretty lame, right? This is what I’m working with today.

Okay, let me try again..

(10 minutes later after stopping to play Tapped Out (The Simpsons game app), plugging in my phone and downloading the new iPhone update)


(Got up and took laundry from dryer, started new load of wash, got a cup of water, kicked dog off bed after he started to clean himself, looked in cupboards, flipping through YouTube…)


(got another cup of water, watched a few Judge Judy videos on YouTube – I don’t even watch Judge Judy, played some more Tapped Out)

Well, since I spent so much time getting this blog written, I need to go and get dinner in the oven so it’s done on time and then take a shower.