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My Big Fat Lesbian Divorce – Thank You

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After much thought, I decided this letter belongs as the last entry under My Big Fat Lesbian Divorce heading. It’s really more of a morph (non Power Rangers style, though I’d like to be the Pink Power Ranger if I had to choose).

In saying that, I’m struggling for the words to open a good-bye letter. Saying “good-bye” has never been my strong suit. I’ve led a life of good-byes while I’ve longed for a life of “Hello”.

But you didn’t say good-bye to me or the boys, and in retrospect, neither did we to you. Rather, we’ve lived our good-bye through each day we’ve discovered our laughter and ourselves once again.

So, let me start by saying Thank You.

I didn’t know where this journey of uprooting myself and the children to move up here would lead us. Of course I had hoped it would lead us to a better level of a new chapter in our lives, and it has. Just….without you. At first I felt that was more of an ending, but in reality it’s become a beginning.

I know I cried a lot after moving up here. I had left behind open skies, the sound of crickets at night, and the quiet streets. But despite the reasons we married, I had left it all behind because I made a commitment and I wanted to see where that journey could lead us all as a family. It wasn’t easy but that was the level I believed in my keeping my word. It wasn’t what we agreed on when we decided to marry that day we went to the courthouse, but still….

I thought despite things hadn’t come into my life as I had hoped, that it could somehow grow into what I dreamed of once I moved and in time.

Maybe I didn’t see you as my partner the way I should have when we decided to marry, but I gave it my all to grow into love with you and to be your wife. Eventually I did, but by that time I had also realized that our union was in reality a business arrangement between two people for your job, and would never really be the loving relationship of two hearts discovering each other in the natural progression I had longed for. By that time though, emotions were involved so walking away became a tangled mess. I should have walked away much sooner, but I can’t question or second guess myself anymore, because things turned out exactly as they should.

Since I’ve lived here on my own, I’ve discovered my own heart, my own voice, and my own open skies once again. Perhaps meeting you was exactly what I needed to move me to this new level of my life that’s opened up new and different opportunities for the boys and I.

B is flourishing in his new school, C is mainstreamed without an aide, G is reaching new milestones and D is excelling academically. Who knows if any of that would be the case had we not moved.

I’ve made new friends, explored new opportunities, found that I’m much stronger than I’ve ever given myself credit for, and learned to trust myself once again.

I’ve also found that I know exactly what I’m longing to feel with another person and a liberty to allow myself the freedom to feel it without reserve when it comes. I’ve had opportunities to do just that, but I haven’t settled. Because I’ve heard my voice when I filed for our divorce, and I liked the sound of my own strength.

So Thank You.

I say that without malice, sarcasm or for any other reason than to simply thank you.

You were the train ride here, that held a work shop of lessons that I needed to learn, for whatever reasons I needed. I appreciate that and I’ll always thank you for that.

But now, I need to tell you Good-Bye openly with my words instead of just living it as I have. The boys have said good-bye in their own ways, so I’m not just saying this as your ex wife, but also as your ex family.

We’re good.

I wish you love, happiness and I truly hope you find the peace you’re so desperately seeking. I hope you find healing, hope and joy. I hope many good things for you. I’m pretty sure neither of us had planned for it to end as badly as it did. That’s OK.

Because I’m exactly where God has planned all along.

If you listen to this song, you’ll hear exactly where my heart is in writing this. It starts when Chris Colfer sings, and ends with my



My Big Fat Lesbian Divorce – This Is My Life

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For some reason I thought it had already been 9 months that had passed, but in reality it’s just passed. That’s a good thing, because that tells me my life has continued in a more positive light. I’ve been writing more about the things the my life is about now, then it was when I was married. Another good indicator that I’ve moved on.. That I’m whole again.

Because of that, I’ve decided that I may continue writing up until the year mark, but I’d like to focus more on my life today and where I’m going now. This blog will no longer be about My Big Fat Lesbian Divorce, but instead my life.

I thought I might wait until that year mark, but honestly I’m ready now. Because I’m living.. now.

As of today, I’d like to introduce you to My Big Fat Lesbian Life.

Hi, I’m Lia.

I’m a woman,

A Mom,

This is my life.

My Big Fat Lesbian Divorce – The Van

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When is it a good thing to marry someone who is seemingly impulsive when it comes to reacting, without thinking the bigger picture out?

When you’re divorcing them.

My divorce was final in July, yet as you well know, she’s yet to really stop divorcing me at all. From the demands of white plastic coat hangers to a back pack, well after the divorce was over (I can’t believe her attorney wouldn’t advise her that she has no claim to the items, so to request them would result in nothing but legal fees to write the letter. Or maybe she did, but my ex just didn’t listen) I’ve been wondering what the next demand would be.

I didn’t have to wait long.

The divorce gave me possession of the van, even though it’s in her name. I’ve made the payments on the vehicle the last 2 years and the ex has no investment in the vehicle. The divorce states my payment can’t be late. It’s due on the 10th.

Because of Columbus Day, the payment arrived on the 11th. My ex freaked out. Her attorney wrote a letter stating that (she who will remain nameless – my ex’s coworker with the *in my opinion* 80s hair) was going to come by to retrieve the van last Friday. This is the same co/worker who wrote ugly comments to my blog, calling my children with disabilities ugly things, and all in poorly written English. I think it was English.

So I told them “no”. Why would I possibly allow a woman who has written verbally direct malicious comments towards my children with disabilities, on my front door step? No. I informed them if she made contact with me, I’d call the police and if they took the van, I’d report it stolen. Her attorney then stated she was moving ahead with court proceedings.

What it’s come down to, she wanted to challenge the language in the order because she’s unreasonable. She didn’t care that I needed medical transport for the children coupled with the appearance she has disposable financial resources to constantly pay her attorney. She could have easily let it go, but it feels like she’s just waiting to pounce on any avenue available to try and keep to her word to leave the children and I penniless and begging in the street. That what it feels like when she wants to drag me back to court over something as minute as this.

Now, I know I had a strong case. I had confidence should I have taken it court, that I would have been awarded the van…. again. It was technically one day late, but it was processed on the 11th. The bank informed me there’s a 10 day grace period without penalty, and the payment fell well within that.

But honestly, I didn’t want the vehicle that bad. It would have cost me an attorney to go back to court (though I would have asked for attorney fees). On top of those fees, I had the vehicle inspected a couple of weeks back which uncovered 2,000.00 of mechanical work needed. Not to mention there is still so much owed on the van, it can’t even be used for trade-in. I had planned on having the repairs done, because I need a vehicle. But there was no way I was going to invest money on a needless court hearing, waste my time or the courts time and money to entertain my ex and her attorney. The van isn’t worth that.

If she wanted the van with all the mechanical needs, debt owing and payments, then more power to her. In fact, I was more than happy to turn it over.

My ex supposedly was worried I’d “sugar the tank” so I said I’d leave the van at the mechanics, let them verify it’s in the same crappy condition it was a few weeks ago. She could go to the mechanics, hear their assessment, and look it over. If she drove it off the lot, it’s hers as is and she cannot try to sue me for repairs, damages or any other reason pertaining to the van. If she didn’t like the condition, she would leave it and I’d have to pick it up.

The mechanic didn’t even have a chance to look at the vehicle. She showed up, took the key and drove it off the lot.

I only have two words to describe how I feel right now…

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

*tosses confetti*

Her driving that debt off the lot today, was the second best thing she ever did for me. The first was her leaving the apartment when I called the police and had them ask her to leave. The only stress I had about losing the van, was not having a back-up plan in place.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do for a vehicle yet. I’m concerned about it, because the boys need to get to medical appointments and things of that nature. Everyone tells me it will work out, so I’m hoping it rains money sometime soon. But I’m really happy it’s now her financial responsibly and no longer mine.

I have to say, there was only one time I teared up today. On the way to drop the van off, Fast Car by Tracy Chapman came on the radio. It reminded me of that brief moment I believed in my marriage and the hope, trust and love that I thought I had in her. That feeling of belonging is something I’ve longed to feel.

Too bad the song seems to last longer than that security did.

My Big Fat Lesbian Divorce – Let’s Not Do The Time Warp Again

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I was cleaning out the closet, and came across a few things I had bought because she wanted me to. They’re ugly.

I got to thinking about all the real annoying habits she had, and trying to dress me was one of them. Which, I found odd because she had really bad taste when it came to clothing herself. I rarely liked what she wore, but never pointed it out, and never would have to the degree she did with me.

I bought stupid crap that wasn’t me, at all, in effort to try and look pleasing for her. But I don’t really recall her ever putting forth the same effort. I used to ask if she would wear her hair down, but she often refused. Choosing instead to keep it pulled back in that awful ponytail, that usually looked like the alternative to having to take the effort to comb and style her hair.

I also thought about all the times she would pick at me on the way out the door. “Fix your hair”, “What’s that, a zit?”, “Don’t wear the red coat, I don’t like it”, “Wear the gold hoops I gave you, they look better” and so on….. and on, and on.

I’m past being angry with her for all of the things she did, but I still feel a need to finally voice how I often felt about things. Call it a verbal cleansing of the mind if you will.

I also used to detest the fact she is a slob. I can’t recall how many times I would beg her to lift a finger and clean the one room I’d asked her to help upkeep, the master bedroom bathroom. In the span of 6 months, she had cleaned the shower once. It was gross. Her constant debate was since I was home full time, I should have done it for her. What she truly wanted was a June Cleaver apron wearing 50s Stiletto wearing cake baking wife. While she wanted to take a more traditional 50s male identified role with the family.

I started to feel like I had time warped into 1954.

The ugly brown jacket faces a fate of being donated, as it serves a reminder of all the things she wanted me to be and the part of myself I had lost.

I hope wherever it ends up, it ends up in the hands of someone who actually wants it.

Good bye brown jacket.

Good bye 1954 time warp.

My Big Fat Lesbian Divorce – Court

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We have a hearing tomorrow, to see if a judge can resolve this.

I guess for now that’s all I really have to say.

My Big Fat Lesbian Divorce – Pride & Confidence

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Haman …. Or Mordecai?

6:5 And the king’s servants said unto
him, Behold, Haman standeth in the court. And the king said, Let him come in.

6:6 So Haman came in. And the king said unto him, What shall be done unto the man whom the king delighteth to honour? Now Haman thought in his heart, To whom would the king delight to do honour more than to myself? 6:7 And Haman answered the king, For the man whom the king delighteth to honour, 6:8 Let the royal apparel be brought which the king useth to wear, and the horse that the king rideth upon, and the crown royal which is set upon his head: 6:9 And let this apparel and horse be delivered to the hand of one of the king’s most noble princes, that they may array the man withal whom the king delighteth to honour, and bring him on horseback through the street of the city, and proclaim before him, Thus shall it be done to the man whom the king delighteth to honour.

6:10 Then the king said to Haman, Make haste, and take the apparel and the horse, as thou hast said, and do even so to Mordecai the Jew, that sitteth at the king’s gate: let nothing fail of all that thou hast spoken.

6:11 Then took Haman the apparel and the horse, and arrayed Mordecai, and brought him on horseback through the street of the city, and proclaimed before him, Thus shall it be done unto the man whom the king delighteth to honour.

6:12 And Mordecai came again to the king’s gate. But Haman hasted to his house mourning, and having his head covered.

My Big Fat Lesbian Divorce – Cover Me

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Today my attorney showed up in court, to schedule a hearing, and so did my ex. She is currently representing herself, and wanting to withdraw the settlement we came to.

What a mess.

So a hearing has been set, and now we have to wait and go through the whole mess again. The good thing is, because she is the one who decided to try and get out of a contract, she will most likely have to pay my attorneys fees after this point. Which makes no sense to me. She wants to contest the settlement, hire a new attorney plus will most likely have to pay my attorneys fees, just to get out of a settlement she agreed on.. which is way less (by thousands) than she is going to be charged for the new attorney, my attorney and court costs.

I’m shaking my head, I don’t get it.

Has a bottomless money pit been discovered recently? I really should be watching the news more.

She is also now trying to take the vehicle form the children and myself. It’s a little complicated to explain, but the deal is the vehicle is in her name and I have made every payment on it since it was purchased. She has said several times she would never, ever do anything to jeopardize the vehicle because she knows I rely on it to transport my children to their appointments. However, she is now trying to get it taken away and claims she now has a buyer for it as well. Of course, these children she is apparently using to hurt me and them, are the very ones that she wrote me recently about. About how much she missed them, wanted to see them, and wanted to be a part of their lives.

Funny thing is, I am not mad. I guess because if I sit and just let it all unfold, the more I know God is in control. Every time I have placed my trust in Him in the face of adversity, He has always carried us through to the other side.

On that note,








My Big Fat Lesbian Divorce – Swimming Sucks And So Does Divorce Drama

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My ex fired her divorce attorney today.

No. Joke.

I received the email this afternoon. She sent a letter to my attorney stating she has now withdrawn any agreements we had on the table previously, and is now representing herself with full intent on taking this to a hearing and to “throw herself on the mercy of the court”.

Uhm, OK.


We were THIS close to having the divorce done and over with. This is the sense of entitlement that makes her behave as though everyone owes her something that I was talking about a few blogs back. It’s so exhausting to constantly have to stop everything to entertain it. I’ve had several attorneys tell me that I have a really good case, and more than likely could receive way more than I had asked for previously, should this go to trial. The only reason why I let go so many of the things I asked for in this last settlement offer, was to just get it over with. Not because I didn’t have good cause.

But shoot..

I was really looking forward to cake, and celebration and possibly a new pair of heels to go with it all.

I will be so glad when it’s over and I no longer have to even think about dealing with her anymore. I’ve worked hard to make a new life for my children and myself in this town, despite her removing all the things she promised and didn’t keep.

I’ve chosen not to get upset about this, and I’ve chosen not to let it bother me. God has always looked out for my children and I, and I look to Him. Whatever happens, happens.

I’ve got way too much to be thankful for, to even let this bother me.

Which leads me to the second thing that happened to me today.

It’s been pretty humid here, so I took my boys to the pool where I live. 3 of the boys were in the shallow end of the pool, while one decided to sit out. He was sitting beside me on the pool chair.

The one who was sitting beside me on a pool chair, was goofing off a little so I turned my head to look at him. In this moment, my 12 year old son went under the divider apparently and was trying to reach for one of those pool tube thingies (I’m not sure the technical term) that are like long noodles, that help you float.. ? Anyways, I don’t think he realized the pool got deeper as he ventured out in a place he couldn’t touch with his feet.

I turned my around to head count the boys, saw my 12 year old out in the deep end, and ran over to him. He can’t swim. He was waving his arms and went under, twice. I freaked out. I just freaked out. I don’t even remember jumping in the pool. One second I am on the edge yelling at him as he is slipping under the water, and the next I am holding him and trying to keep my head above water while trying to calm him down, because he is pulling me under with him.

The only thing holding us up is the fact I can touch the bottom of the pool with only the tip of my toe.

Lets face it, the only thing holding me up was the hands of God….

I pulled him to the shallow end and just held him. All he could say was “Thank You for saving my life Mom”.. He and I were both just stunned at what had taken place. In all my years parenting, I had never had anything even remotely close to what happened today, happen. It was numbing, and awakening all at the same time.

I’m not sure I have even still processed what happened today. I can’t believe my child was that close to something so awful and I can’t believe I saw it happening. I’m just so glad I was there to pull him out.

So that was Monday. Tomorrow we have plans for some fun things, which will not involve swimming in anyway shape or form. At least not until we have sat down and went through all the rules, and possibly some life jackets or a protective floating bubble of some sort.

I’m thankful for all I have, and refuse to focus on that which my ex is trying to take from me. I’ve been given a lot of amazing things in my life, and nothing she does will reduce the joy I am choosing to take in it. I’ve survived the last few months, and walked through grief and into joy.

I have a lot to be thankful for, including this journey.

My Big Fat Lesbian Divorce – Audible Sunshine

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*insert really loud yell, scream, and some stomping up and down in frustration.*

Tuesday night the wife and I came to an agreement.

*insert flying pigs and ice skating across hell*

It’s a little short of what I was asking for, but it’s a help. I’m still not going to be left with much, but anything at this point helps. So by the end of June, I will be a single woman.

I’m still pretty sad about the loss of the woman I married (not the one who I filed divorce against. . same person, different people) and I know it’s gonna take time, but I’m working on it.

I did learn today that stupid love songs still make me cry, so I had to turn the radio off in the car today. And I found myself tearing up from time to time today. A far cry (no pun intended) from where I was a month ago, but I’m looking forward to the days I can just roll through a day without tears, thoughts or that pang that punches you a little when you hear a song.

I’m still unable to sleep in the bed all night, though I did take a nap on it the other day. I’m really hoping I can get past the memories and be the only person in the bed eventually.

Then I get all conflicted with feelings of being pissed off at her again, when I’ve been struggling financially this week. With just a few dollars lining my pocket, I’m stressed about groceries. I had to borrow those few dollars, as it is. And then going over my bills today, I found I’m going to be left with maybe 100.00 for the ENTIRE month, after paying bills. That 100 is somehow magically supposed to expand to buy gas, groceries, laundry money and co/payments.

Just thinking about it makes me a mess of feelings. Emotional soup, minus those little oyster crackers that have nothing to do with oysters.

The boys have been home from school all week. What started out as allergies, turned into full blown asthma. The 9yr old is the one who has constant asthma maintenance (they added a new daily medication, which will hopefully help) while the others seem to be allergy related. The boys still tried to eat waffles with chopsticks while the 10yr old marched around the house with oven mitts on his feet. It’s things like that, that just make it all wonderful, and somehow not care I haven’t had a moment alone in 6 days. I miss feeling that way.

It seems when I was still living with her, that constant feeling of not being good enough really robbed me of a lot of joy I used to have in a lot of aspects of my life. It’s nice to find my joy again in oven mitt foot coverings, despite the financial and emotional roller coaster of divorce.

The boys also discovered Mr. Bean on Netflix (I cancelled cable a long time ago) and hearing those boys belly laugh, really makes for a good day.

It’s like, audible sunshine.

My Big Fat Lesbian Divorce – Who’s Finally Seeing The Light? That’s Right. . ME

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Something happened tonight, I’m not going into all details just now, but I realized that all the grief. . sorrow. . and loss I’ve been going through . .

Well, she just isn’t worth it. She, the woman who left, just isn’t worth it.

In fact, I’m better off without the cruelty. I’m better off without the emotional control. I’m just. .

Better off.

Don’t get me wrong, I love her. I do. . But she doesn’t want me, and ya know . . I’m good. I’m going to be OK. It’s going to hurt, and I need to heal. But I’m going to be OK.

I really am a strong woman. I wasn’t with her, I was vulnerable to a woman who doesn’t know how to love. But I gotta get back to me.

Part of my revelation, is she had a friend pick up her mail at the office. Then, I thought about how she wanted me to pack up some of her items and leave them for pick up in the office. Then, I went back to that day we argued in the laundry room. It’s the argument that started this mess.. After yelling at me, and screaming in my face, she had the audacity to ask me for quarters because she didn’t want to walk to her truck and get hers. . . After watching me struggle with carrying over my laundry in the rain, and not offering help, and then yelling awful things at me. . she had the audacity to ask me for quarters and then get outraged when I finally made a stand and told her to go get her own. . ?

Then it all hit me (at least part of it did) she does not take responsibility for herself. She expects everyone to help her out (after all, I’m psychologically unstable and she’s the victim here. . right?) (which btw, if one if her co-workers had a hubby treat her the way my wife treated me? . . Yeah, my wife would have been telling her to run) and she expects everyone to just help her out. She takes no personal responsibility for what she said to me, how she treated me, or any of it.

If I had asked for quarters after talking to her like that, think I’d get them? Hell no!

So what, she doesn’t want a police escort to get her mail. Well ya know what, she forced me to take the actions I did. She put herself in this situation of threatening me, and pushing me away for months after treating me like a leper. . (no offense to the leper community). She has what she wants, so she needs to grow a pair (so to speak) and take care of her own business. This is the dissolution of OUR marriage.

So while she has fun, plays the victim and has everyone pandering at her feet, I’m good. Why? Because I’m coming through this stronger and better. Her? She’s just gonna move on to the next woman and repeat the same old song.

Thank You God for getting me out alive. .