My Big Fat Life – Guy Who Won’t Leave Me Alone *update*

In Uncategorized on January 24, 2015 at 8:20 pm

The guy from Wales has gone against the requests from authorities and has continued to contact me.  In August he sent me an email to an address I had forgot to block him from since I seldom use it, but have now since blocked him. He sent an email telling me he met someone else, but couldn’t stop thinking of me. He then linked me to a love song on YouTube that I am pretty sure if I were this new woman he was involved with, I would be hurt by his actions.

More recently a note arrived from Portugal. I recognized the handwriting on the front as his, and didn’t even bother opening it. All authorities had to be notified, and I was instructed to leave it in my post box. The Postmaster had it picked up, where it goes to another agency who verifies the contact and then passes it along to another agency to document the contact.

What a messy ordeal all together.




  1. Holy cow….I leave you alone for a few minutes and this happens?!?!
    (That is supposed to be some dark humor there, but what is happening is really not funny.) Jeeze-louise, there are some creepy people in the world. Hope this one goes away asap.
    Take care!

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